Frequently Asked Questions

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AirSMS let you receive SMSes on Italian phone numbers for the services listed.
The numbers are virgin for the services sold, but can have been used before for others. For example, you can purchase a virgin number for Facebook, but the same number might have been sold in the past to another user for Gmail.
To receive your first SMS, simply click on "Get number" next to the service (Facebook, Gmail, etc) you want to register a new account on and have the service send the verification SMS to that number. As soon as we receive it, AirSMS will display you the full SMS content with the code to confirm your number on the service.
Yes. After the first SMS received on a number for a specific service (Instagram, Google, etc..), the number is assigned to your account lifetime.
In some rare cases, we might loose access to a number (for example, when the operator terminates some of our sim cards). For this reason, we can't offer any guarantee about future reusability of a number. Generally, you can expect 95%+ of your numbers to be reusable for years to come.
Currently, there is no UI for number blacklisting, but you can use our API endpoint for this:
There is no UI for some features (like SMS history) yet, but some of them are available by API. You can make API calls directly from your browser. On the same page you'll find API docs related to this endpoint, so you could fine tune your request if necessary. For example to see your SMS history you can call: